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May 29, 2017 - Issue #6 - The Art of Elastic Stack

Newsletter is back!! Elastic Stack Weekly Newsletter Issue 6!

During Elastic{ON}17, datasets were used to create art. This week's featured theme is The Art of Elastic Stack, in particular how The Barnes Foundation in Philidephia is enhancing the visitors ability to explore the online collection. In a series of blog posts, the staff and partners of The Barnes Foundation shares how Elasticsearch and Kibana have been key technologies in acheiving their goal emulating the gallery experience to their online users.

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News and Announcements

Elastic Stack 5.4.0 Released
A rundown of the latest features and release notes for Elastic Stack 5.4.0.

Unsupervised Machine Learning for Elasticsearch (Beta)
Last Fall, Elastic acquired Prelert. v5.4.0 is the first beta release with Prelert fully integrated into the Elastic Stack as the Machine Learning Feature.

Time Series Visual Builder (Experimental)
I've been looking forward to release of this feature since Elastic{ON}

Elasticsearch 6.0.0-alpha1 released
For those of you who would like to get a jump on the next major release, v6.0 alpha has been released.


Rethinking the museum collection online by Shelley Bernstein
The Barnes Foundation project kick-off post of the technical challenges of a complex museum collections system and plans to simplify data extraction with more nimble Elasticsearch.

Breaking away from TMS by Sam Tarakajian
This post discusses the backend architecture and how Elasticsearch is simplifying the visual relationships between artworks in the collection.
Elasticsearch Kibana

Elasticsurf is not a Made Up Word by Sam Tarakajian
If you're not enticed by the title alone, I will not be able to add anything more witty. Enjoy!
Elasticsearch    Kibana

Why data is easier than gardening: using Kibana to understand art by Sam Tarakajian
Nice write-up of using Kibana to quickly organize and visualize art collections by room and artwork categories.
Elasticsearch    Kibana

Articles, Blogs, Tutorials and Talks

Resizing your Elasticsearch Indexes in Production by Frederic de Villamil
Nice write-up on managing index sizes and sharding strategies with recommendations and examples using the Elasticsearch Reindex API and Aliases.

Open Data + Node.JS + Elasticsearch — 13 million street addresses and counting by Matt Hayward
My favorite posts are the Fun and Profit ones, this example of using Open Data from the Australia G-NAF and Google Maps GeoCoding API to search Australia's 13 million addresses. This post includes the link to github and docker-compose.

How to set up Elasticsearch Cluster in Amazon ECS by Boa Ho Man
Upgrading to ElasticSearch 5.2.2 on Amazon ECS
A couple of posts about how to setup an Elasticsearch Cluster in EC2 container service (ECS). Provides plenty of configuration examples from the first implementation to the improvements made in the upgrade post.

Kibana: How To Solve Mapping Conflict by Petr Sobeslavsky
If you work with Elastic Stack long enough, you will eventually run into have mapping conflicts. This post is a walk through of updatting index template and using Reindex API to fix the mapping conflict.
Elasticsearch    Kibana

Elasticsearch Curator Docker by Bekir Dogan
Elasticsearch Curator container to delete, close, force-merge, and snapshot your favorite indices.

Hunting Phish Domains by Wasim Halani
Using Elasticsearch Regular Expressions, Wildcard and Fuzzy search to hunt for phishing domains patterns.
Elasticsearch    Kibana

Elasticsearch Do's, Don'ts and Pro-Tips - and Security, too (video) by Itamar Syn-Hershko
Great presentation of Elasticsearch tips and tricks to help you manage your cluster more efficiently.